The Tribune School

Service Before Self

Vision And Mission

Vision of the School

The Tribune School endeavors to create a school atmosphere that focuses on care and holistic development of children. We aim to: –

We aspire to continue with greater fervour to build the foundation of our values – LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, NON-VIOLENCE and RIGHT CONDUCT.
These values will help to evolve a balanced and tolerant human being who can find fulfillment within and contribute to the world around.

Mission of the School

The Mission of The Tribune School is to promote human excellence in students by balancing character development and academic achievement. The school aims at evolving each child’s potential by drawing out the infinite intelligence and goodness latent in every individual through emphasis on human values of TRUTH, RIGHT CONDUCT, PEACE, LOVE AND NON-VIOLENCE.
We aspire to be a center of all-round excellence in education where individual talents of children are discovered and nurtured and they creatively construct their own knowledge and wisdom, thereby guided to acquire and assimilate the competencies and skills needed for being fruitful global citizens of the world.

The school aims to uphold the founder’s commitment to excellence in all fields with emphasis on its motto ‘SERVICE BEFORE SELF’ and to prepare the students for the 21st century.