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Annual Report


A very good morning to everyone!
Excellence in education and fostering the love of learning is the hallmark of “THE TRIBUNE SCHOOL”. Today we have gathered here to acknowledge the success achieved by the sheer hard work and perseverance of our students, under the expert guidance of their respective mentors.As we embark on this journey of reflection and celebration, let us take a moment to appreciate the collective efforts and achievements that have shaped our school’s academic landscape.
We feel elated to share that the students of class X, who appeared for Secondary School
Examination held by CBSE for the session 2023-24, passed with flying colours.
This academic year has been truly rewarding. The philosophy of individual attention, regular assignments, motivation, proper guidance and counselling sessions along with the remedial sessions have indeed brought us outstanding results in the board examination. It is a testament to the passion, dedication, commitment and resilience of our students, efficient school management, our worthy Principal ma’am and passionate teachers who strive for excellence each day. We are delighted to congratulate each one of them who left no stone unturned in the sphere of academic excellence. A big round of applause for them. It is said that education is the key to unlock our potential. Today, as we present the annual academic report, we witness the power of education in transforming lives and building a brighter future.
Let’s begin with….


The kindergarten section of The Tribune School organised various events and activities,showcasing their leadership skills and creativity. Various fine motor and gross motor skill enhancing activities, theme based assemblies were conducted by all the classes which gave toddlers the confidence to present themselves on the stage. Activities like Show and Tell, Poem recitation, Quiz, Public speaking, Role play, were instrumental in the development of kindergartners. An Indo-British collaboration project which was a joint venture between The Tribune School and High Hazels School of Sheffield, England was organised wherein two projects were undertaken for the primary wing- one where several videos were shared as an insight of schools and the other was a pen pal program. Activities to explain the concepts of Genders, Adjectives, Prepositions, Naming words, learning Calligraphy not only improved their fine motor skills but also instilled a sense of focus and discipline. Our little ones went to the Sukhna Lake with their teachers to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the place. These activities collectively contributed to the holistic development of the kindergarteners, preparing them for future academic and social challenges. Moving forward, towards the contribution of other departments and the activities conducted by them during the academic year.


English Department of the school commenced its session with the celebration of English Literary Week where a lot of emphasis was given on the four basic skills of language learning. To enhance students’ learning and to break the monotony of the regular classroom learning process, several activities like Show and Tell, The Missing Letter, Spell Bee, Adjective Hunt, Scramble, Extempore, Hot-Seat, Group Discussions, and several other art-integrated activities were conducted in a fun-filled manner.

Students’ participation in a diverse array of activities, such as crafting speeches, engaging in poetry recitals, and debating, significantly enriched their educational journey by refining their communication prowess and honing their leadership acumen. These endeavors not only empowered students to express themselves with confidence but also cultivated their ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and eloquence. 


Different activities like calligraphy, poem recitation, story-telling were conducted by the Punjabi Department. Under the guidance of the Punjabi Department, various significant days like Gurpurab, Baisakhi and Lohri were celebrated with great fervour. Veer Bal Diwas was also observed to pay honour and tribute to the sacrifices made by the ‘Char Sahibzades’ 


Hindi Department organised activities like Hindi Calligraphy Competition, Poetry Recitation and Writing Competition, Quiz Competition, Speech Competition, and Story Telling Competition. Some children from The Tribune School went for Dharm Shiksha Pariksha to Arya Samaj Sec. 9 Panchkula on December 29 and 30, 2023 where Monisha of grade 7 received the 3rd prize and Jasmi, Priyanshi, Dhawal Tiwari and Mannat Sood from grade 8 received consolation prize. Mohnish from grade 7 got Consolation prize in Hindi Essay writing competition at Inter-school level.
A declamation competition was held at St. Stephens School on the topic- Tambaku Nahi Bhojan Anivarya’ as well as a Nukkad Natak in RIMT school was organised on ‘Asha ki Jyoti’ where students of Grade 7-9 participated with full zeal. Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav was also celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Maha Kavi Subramanayam Bharti, wherein everybody was asked to put signatures in their mother tongue.


‘It’s time to shift from being consumers to being caretakers. We have the power to shape a sustainable world through our choices.’ The Science Department’s annual theme for the session 2023-24 was ‘Sustainable Consumption’ and various activities were conducted throughout the session on the same lines. Activities like Saplings Plantation, No Plastic Bag Day and Fancy Dress Competition were conducted. Under the Science Olympiad Federation, International Olympiads were introduced this year. Students from classes 1-11 participated in these Olympiads which was conducted in
three subjects i. e. Mathematics, Science and English. We are proud to announce that many students of our schools got distinction at the zonal level. Not to forget the students who participated in the Green Olympiad conducted by TERI where 7 students of our school got a certificate of merit.
Science department also organised a visit to *Horticulture waste processing plant at Industrial area Chandigarh where they made biofuels out of waste material. An excursion to *Waste To Wonder Park* was also organised by the dept. in the month of October. We are delighted to announce that five students of The Tribune School were selected for the biospactacle –a state level environment carnival, which was held at botanical garden,
Sarangpur. Students participated in various environment based activities and games as well. Some more activities worthy of being highlighted were- Eco Brick making and Paper making which gave students a hands-on experience and enlightened their sense of belongingness to the Earth’s resources. A special mention to Dhawal Tiwari of Grade VIII B who got selected in the outreach summer camp organised by IISER BHOPAL. The camp aimed to help students understand the central role of science in society.


The Social Science Department organised different activities in the academic year 2023–24. The session began with a poster-making competition, an awareness camp and a special assembly on Earth Day. One week was dedicated to the students of grades 8–10 to create awareness about disaster management under which numerous activities like essay writing competitions, slogan writing and mock drills were conducted with the objective of empowering them to deal with emergency situations. Inter-house quiz competitions were held in Grades 3–5 on different themes concerning various fields of social science for example: G-20. Mock elections were also conducted in Grade 7 to provide important insights to students regarding election processes and how elections are conducted in the country.


The Mathematics Department at The Tribune School is dedicated to honing student’s understanding of logical concepts and mental maths thinking skills. During this session activities focused on imbibing the calculation skills of students through different activities like Operations using Tic Tac Toe in Grade III, Dodging tables using hands on activity in Grade IV and Mathematical BINGO based on Integers/LCM/HCF/Multiplication in Grades V –X. To understand the need of learning Mathematical concepts, students had collected data from their daily life, where they used concepts of Maths. In the month of November, International Maths Olympiad (IMO) was conducted. Many students from grades I to X got medals. In the month of January, Ms. Meenu Bhalla had attended Educational workshop under Project Vidhyasagar by CBSE.


The Political Science Department at Tribune q11School is dedicated to nurturing student’s; understanding of political systems, civic engagement, and critical thinking skills. In line with our commitment to civic engagement and democratic values, the grade 11 students spearheaded a Voter ID Card Form Filling Activity. This initiative not only aimed to raise awareness about the importance of voting but also served as a practical exercise to
enhance student’s skill set. To encourage critical thinking and independent inquiry, we introduced the Research Work Notebook initiative. Through this platform, students were encouraged to transcend the confines of their textbooks and delve into the realm of research and analysis. As we reflect on the achievements and milestones of the academic year 2023-24, the Political Science Department at Tribune School remains steadfast in its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.


The Commerce Department at the Tribune School is dedicated to vocational development of student’s; understanding of accountancy and business studies. Activities that focused on preparing the foundation for the higher education of the students are as follows:
1. Career Counselling regarding commerce stream
2. ⁠PowerPoint Presentations on topics related to subjects of commerce stream
3. ⁠Group Discussions
4. ⁠Debates on economy-related topics
5. ⁠Financial Management
6. ⁠Different activities held on different topics like banking, insurance etc
7. ⁠Students learned new types of practical accounts techniques which will be applicable in
different MNC.
As we reflect on the progress of the students in the academic year 2023-24, the Commerce Department at Tribune School took the initiative to attain the overall development of students.
Personality Development Sessions were meticulously designed and conducted to empower students with essential life skills, including communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills. By providing a platform for self-reflection and growth, these sessions aimed to cultivate well-rounded individuals, capable of navigating the complexities of the modern world.


Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment. Art is an integral part of The Tribune School. You will find art in almost every nook and corner of this beautiful building. The Art Department of the school organized various activities to enhance the artistic abilities of the students. Butterfly Impressions’ Activity was organized for Class 3 where the students created butterfly prints using paints and folded paper. Students of grade 5 designed beautiful mandalas incorporating small mirrors. Students of grade 6 made masks inspired by various tribal cultures. Students of grade 7 created three-dimensional sculptures using Papier Mache. Students of grades 9 and 10 participated in the Emboss Painting workshop cum competition and created impressive embossed artwork. The students of The Tribune School engaged themselves in many art
competitions and brought laurels to the school. Painting competition on Energy conservation was organized by Bhakra Beas Management Board on 16 November, where our students Mohnish and Yashika were among top 50 at inter school level and participated till State level. Vasu of grade XI participated in the North Zonal Cultural Youth Fest held at Kalagram in the month of July, where he secured second position, and in the KVS Pareeksha Pe Charcha inter-school competition, he secured fourth position. A painting competition was held at Panjab University during the Rose Festival, where approximately 8 students won consolation prizes and one student won third position.


The IT department, the backbone of the school not-only provides technical knowledge to the students but also tries to solve queries of other staff members. The faculty members of the department motivated and guided the students to participate in various competitions like Designathon, Scitoon Comic Designer Competition, Vivo Ignite Technology Innovation Camp etc. Leisha Singh of grade 10, participated in B.S. Sidhu Memorial Inter School Photography Competition and won a cash prize of Rs. 3000. Dhawal Tiwari and Gaurav Dhiman of grade 8 participated in Inter School Tech-fest Aravali Tech’23, Tech-Talk and won the 1st Prize. More than 150 students of the Tribune School participated in various categories in the International Cyber Olympiad and brought laurels to the school. In the `category of grades 1 and 2, 6 students won gold medals, 9 students won silver medals, 12 students got bronze medals and 25 students received Rank Certificates. In the second category, for grades 3 to 10, 7 students won gold medals, 4 students won silver medals, 2 students won bronze medals and 13 won Rank Certificates.


The Library Department of The Tribune School took different initiatives throughout the year in the session 2023-24. To instill the habit of reading among the children of young age, the library department organized the Reading Marathon where the young readers were awarded with certificates and prizes by the Principal. Some ‘Human Library sessions’ on ‘mindful meditation and ‘journey of life’ were also conducted by Ms. Indra Kaushik , Ms. Sunita Verma and Ms. Aruna Srivastava respectively. Some interesting and informative movie sessions were also organised for the students of Grade- 4 and 5. The Tribune School is actively engaging students in the Mann Ki Baat Comic Book Series launched by the Ministry of Culture which aims to inspire millions of students through an interesting and exciting platform of storytelling. The department also started a new initiative of honoring the Avid readers of the school. The students who read the maximum number of books were awarded by the Principal every month.


The Music department’s journey this year has been a harmonious blend of dedication, passion, and hard work. The students of Grade VI to VIII were orientated with the folk music of different states of India in correlation with their scholastic subjects. Students witnessed and enjoyed the live music sessions by their proficient music teachers. The music department’s efforts resonated throughout the school, creating a vibrant and melodious atmosphere by lending their support in all the special morning assemblies held during the year. Celebration of various festivals and occasions like Basant Panchami, Guru Purab, Ram Navmi, Labour Day, Independence Day , Republic Day, Budh Purnima uplifted the environment of the school.
The Kinder Delight Song and Rhyme Day;, a wonderful event filled with love, joy and peace was the special highlight of the year. Special songs and music was specifically composed by the department as per the level of the kindergarteners who showcased their talent with adorable renditions.
Also, the new academic session 2024-25 started with Samuhik Surya Arghy the department with all the staff members to mark the beginning of a new day filled with hope, energy, and positivity.


The Interact Club is a part of Rotary International, which is a global network of community service organizations. Let us have an overview of the activities conducted in the past year: Two projects were undertaken in collaboration with Rotary club Mohali, Midtown – one was the adult literacy program and the other was distribution drive for the weaker section. Some of the key projects undertaken by the Interact Club included debate competitions for the students of Grade- 9, 10 and 11. Also, an ongoing project called CHASHMA was conducted which provided a free eye checkup for the students.


The counselling department is dedicated to address the diverse needs of students, fostering their good mental health, academic success and personal development with the goal to help students become the best versions of themselves each day and bring out their fullest potential. Timely individual and group counselling sessions, special education support and collaboration with the teachers and parents were done to create an environment where students can grow and thrive holistically. Weekly group counselling sessions were conducted to sensitize the students about mental health and promote importance of counselling. Sessions on self-awareness, emotion regulation, time management, stress management, exam anxiety, coping strategies, life skills training which includes problem solving, effective communication skills, creative and analytical thinking were also conducted. Regular awareness campaigns were conducted to spread awareness about sensitive topics such as menstrual hygiene, good touch/bad touch, anti-bullying, POCSO and child rights, use of social media and cyber-crime. To create an inclusive and safe educational environment for special children, students with special needs are identified and referred for professional diagnosis and treatment with regular follow ups and guidance for consistent and tailored assistance. Behavior modification practice is also implemented as and when required, for the students.


The Sports Department at Tribune School is dedicated to inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead. The Sports department of our school organised a series of Inter House-indoor and outdoor tournaments .There has been a significant rise in team as well as individual participations and achievements in Netball, Athletics, Football, Handball, Wrestling, Judo and Dodgeball such as inter-school and state level events. Our students bagged several positions and won medals in various tournaments. Apart from these participations, The Tribune Trust Sports Festival was organised in the school premises. This festival saw the participation of 17 schools from across Chandigarh. It was witnessed by many famous sportspersons including national players of Netball and Handball.

1. 12 students won gold medals in Dodgeball State Championship, U-15, held at C.L.DAV in April 2023.
2.12 students won bronze medals in Rugby Soccer State Championship for sub- junior girls, held at P.U. in April 2023.
3.12 students won gold medals in Rugby soccer State Championship for sub- junior boys, held at P.U. in May 2024
4. 2 students won gold medal and Silver medal in State Level Javelin Championship organized by Chandigarh Athletics Association in August 2023.

5. 2 students of grades 9 and 10 respectively, won gold medals in Inter school wrestling tournament organized by Education department in August 2023.

6. 2 students of won bronze and silver medals in Chandigarh Athlete state competition organized at Sports complex sec 7 Chandigarh, in October 2023.
7.12 students won silver medal in Inter School Netball Tournament U-17, held at GHSSS 20 in Nov 2023.
8. 2 students participated in SGFI National Wrestling Championship, U-17, in November 2023.
9. A student participated in SGFI National Handball Championship, U-14, in November 2023.
10. 11 students participated in netball competition held by National Netball Federation of India, U-15, in December 2023.
11. A student participated in SGFI National football Championship, U-14, in January 2024.
12. 5 students participated and won medals in District Athletic Meet, U-14, 17 in January 2024. As we reflect on victories of the students of the academic year 2023-24, the
sports Department at Tribune School trained the students to attain the goal of physical and mental development of students.