The Tribune School

Service Before Self

Annual Report


Excellence in education and fostering the love of learning is the hallmark of “THE TRIBUNE SCHOOL”. Today we have gathered here to acknowledge the success achieved by the sheer hard work and perseverance of our students, under the expert guidance of their respective mentors. I feel elated to share that the students of class X, who appeared for the Secondary School Examination held by CBSE for session 2020-21, passed with flying colours. Many scored first-class grading, with six students who got 90 percent and above.

The names of the students are:

  • Rakshit, who bagged the first position with 96% marks.
  • The second position is shared by Shrishti and Harshwardhan with 94.6% marks each.
  • Rupesh stood third with 93.6% marks.
  • Followed by Riya Rana with 92.2% and Ayush Sharma with 92%.

This academic year was no less than a challenge, as the classes were being conducted both online as well as offline. Nevertheless, the team of efficient teachers continued their good work with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Moving forward, towards the contribution of various departments and the activities conducted by them during the whole academic year.

In the English department, a lot of emphasis was given to the four basic skills of language learning, so sessions for Poem recitation incorporated with puppetry, Meet the Author Activity, Impromptu, Recipe writing, Who am I?,  Dumb-Charades on Idioms, drawing a Caricatures, Poster making and story-telling based on themes of the chapters, were conducted throughout the year.

From Science Department, Aditya, and Shrishti got ₹ 10,000/- cash prize each in INSPIRE Award Scheme. Their models on a clean environment were selected for the project. Vishesh and Mayank of class VII got selected for State Science Exhibition 2020. They both participated in an online State Science Exhibition and their project got appreciation from all judges. The list of activities conducted by the Science department is as follows:

  1. A symposium on “Air Quality during the Lockdown” was held in the month of April 2021.
  2.  In the month of July 2021“Growing Up Activity” was held in which students prepared their Health Cards and made healthy diet plans.
  3. Online quiz on “Vanmahotsave in July, “Stimulation Week” in the month of September, and a Science Exhibition named “Plastic Mania” in the month of January were organized where the students were encouraged to reduce plastic waste and inculcate environment-friendly practices in their daily routine.

In the Hindi department, a poem recitation competition was held in the month of April for classes VI to X, and winners were announced. They also conducted crossword puzzles, Bhasha Khel, Hindi calligraphy, Diary writing, Patriotic Song week, Quiz on Ramayana and Mahabharata. Also, an essay writing competition was held in the month of October for classes VI to X, which was organized by DAV Model School.  Dhawal Tiwari from Class VI-A and Sahanshi from Class VII –B participated in this competition.

The Maths Department celebrated the Speed up Week” activity in April to work on fast calculation and quick-mindedness of students. Other notable activities like Fraction Art, Thread Art, Coin Rubbing art,  Rangoli making, creating scenes by using geometrical shapes, clock-making activities, and 3-D Models of different shapes were conducted. National Mathematics Day was celebrated on 22nd December 2021 when a movie on ‘Man who knew Infinity’ was shown to the students of Classes IV to VI followed by worksheets. Also, Rahul Chouhan student of IX-A won ‘BRICS MATHS OLYMPIAD’ which was held online.

Punjabi Department conducted different activities like fancy dress competitions, poem recitations, story-telling, and calligraphy. Also, Baisakhi celebrations were held in the month of April in our school where students participated with great pomp and show.

The Social Science Department organized a role-play activity in August in which students enacted renowned personalities and shared their persona in the school assembly. “Disaster management week” was organized for the students in the month of  October for classes VIII to X in order to make them familiar with the risks associated with a disaster and steps taken to mitigate them. Other competitions such as Poster making, Dance performance on different folk dances representing the cultures of India, and a virtual presentation on the Revolt of 1857 was also administered by the department.

The IT Department of tribune school worked in the background by providing continuous technical support to the staff members and students during the whole pandemic period. At equal intervals of time, workshops were conducted to train both parents and students, to understand the new digital online platform in a systematic manner. In order to make everyone aware of cyber security and artificial intelligence, sessions were held to provide a better insight into what’s happening in and around the world in terms of technology. An online attendance system and automatic report card module were developed by the IT department for the systematic flow of work. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely on digital platforms.


Kinder gardeners explored their love for Reading with the Reading Series Programme that helped each child develop the skill of reading fluently and correctly. The Upper Kindergarteners were enabled to read story books and engage in constructive exercises to develop their understanding and love for reading.

An array of Show & Tell presentations by the Upper Kindergarteners witnessed conceptual learning with the development of Speaking skills while the children presented Indoor and Outdoor Games, Inspirational Indians who made us proud, Community Helpers, and Indian States on different occasions. Activity Weeks at the end of each term were organized that comprised Story Telling Sessions, Nature Crafts, Virtual Tours, Dance, and Music.

The primary wing students cherished their love and bonding for one another keeping the festive spirit alive virtually too.  Art as an integral part of the learning process helped the students form an understanding and expression of their emotions towards festivals like Baisakhi, Janmashtami, Diwali, Gurpurab, Id, and Christmas.

In addition to the classroom activities, the virtual learning mode helped the children independently venture into Project Based Learning, a step beyond books and classrooms.

The little ones never missed a chance to express their gratitude towards their Parents during the challenging Virtual times. The Mothers and fathers equally reciprocated with their enthusiastic participation in all the games, events, and activities to enhance their bond with the children.


“The quality of school life is determined by its activities”

Our school truly believes that physical as well as mental activities play a vital role in building a bright future for children. There are a plethora of co-curricular activities that are held in our school like art competitions, music competitions, interact clubs, yoga, sports, etc. Many students have participated in various competitions and brought laurels to our school.

IN ART DEPARTMENT: Dhawal Tiwari of class 6th-A got selected in the Top 20 National Fevicreate Art Contest, which was held in collaboration with the science department. Latika, a student of class 5th got 3rd position in the Danik Bhaskar coloring competition. Priyanshi of class 6th secured 1st position in the Zonal Level Camel Art Contest. Collage from nature activity was held for hobby students of classes IX and X (Students walked around the school and collected various materials to make the artwork). Various other works done by the art department include FeviCreate science and craft project, wall painting in the kindergarten play area, preparation of name plates for all the rooms, and designing of the school logo.

IN MUSIC DEPARTMENT: Anav Sharma, a student of class 4th, participated in “Sanskriti Geet Gyan Pratiyogita”. This was an online competition in which he bagged the 2nd position and received a prize and certificate. Many singing competitions were held in class from which Prapti, Mohnish, Monisha, and Shrishti, were adjudged as the best singers. International Music Day was celebrated in the month of June through an online platform, where students from classes 4th – 8th practiced and performed various Alankars, Sargam geets, and value songs. A practical approach to innovative ideas was used such as speech enhancement therapy, holistic voice exercises, and beat calculation with random tapping on rhythm to develop and design the overall personality of students through music.

COUNSELLING CELL: Modern society is accompanied by perplexities and challenges. Counselling Cell intends to empower students to face these challenges effectively through professional guidance and counseling programs. It focuses on the realization of unique potentials inherent and hidden in each student and fosters them. The Cell functions respecting the student’s privacy so that they are free to explore their concerns, feelings, and behaviors.

COVID-19, a communicable disease, instilled fears in the minds of the community. Therefore anxiety to self infection and passing the infection to friends, and families emerged. The constant fear of getting the infection also led to the development of mental stress. The cell aimed to enhance the client’s coping skills by bringing change in the decision-making and behavior changes specific to the crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following points were focused on:

  1. Encouraging safety, health, and hygiene.
  2. Reducing immediate distress.
  3. Normalize the worry and develop healthy ways of addressing worry.
  4. Take constructive steps towards solving life problems.
  5. Increase supportive communication in relationships.
  6. Help individuals cope better with their life challenges.
  7. Generate a sense of realistic hope.

8. Staying aware of the other infections around and normalizing masks.

YOGA: The main focus of the Yoga department was to maintain the overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the students during the challenging pandemic period. Students were taught various coping strategies like pranayama, asanas, diet counseling, and healthy lifestyle habits to help them deal with the pandemic.

The Tribune School has also been committed to the betterment of society and for this, we have an INTERACT CLUB, under the Rotary Club, Mohali. This club has been working since 2016. Even during the covid era, when everything was shut down, the club still decided to work for the best, under the guidance of Ms. Navneet Bhatti and Mrs. Anjana Mittal. The club was led by Amit, the president of the club; along with Ayushi, the secretory; Muskan, the vice president; Dakshita, Niryan, Rahul, and Mayank were the directors of the club respectively for the year 2020-2021. The topic chosen to acknowledge was, “Remendment of plastic and reduction of the same”. For the same cause the club members created several best out of waste items and an Instagram page was created by the name @interactclubtms. Feel free to acknowledge our work by clicking the like button and follow us, as it would motivate us.


We all are aware of the fact that all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, giving equal importance to sports, we perform many activities throughout the session.

We at ‘The Tribune School’ believe that Victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score. Nevertheless, the students of our school sparked its glory in all horizons. Last year our school team of eight girls participated in the 26th Sub-Junior National Netball Championship held in Delhi. We also participated in Junior Netball State Championship and our girls’ team bagged the Gold medal. Last but not least, our school boys and girls participated in Chandigarh North and South District Athletics Championship and secured four Gold medals and one silver medal.


Our students have not only excelled in academics but are also very good at extra co-curricular activities. I am extremely glad at the fact that our students and teachers are leaving no stone unturned in working towards the advancement of our school. We also remain grateful to all the parents for reposing their unparalleled trust in us which propels us to march ahead with greater commitment and enthusiasm. We will continue our unceasing efforts to offer better provision of education for our community.

We as Tribunians, believe that your potential to succeed is infinite, so do not leave it untapped. Thank you!



“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great.”

In the voyage of the discovery of excellence in the field of education, our endeavor of keeping the values- Love, Peace, Truth, Non- violence and Right conduct alive in our thought word and action continues.

We are happy to share the news that all our students of Class X, who appeared for the Secondary School Examination by CBSE session 2017-18, passed with flying colors. 26 students were able to get first-class grading, with two students, Anish Benjwal and Rahul Rana getting 90 percent, and above 17 students were able to secure a distinction.

The Principal, Mrs. Vandana Saxena, along with teachers, Ms. Avleen, Ms. Harshmani, and Mr. Ashu were awarded an 80% scholarship from the Harvard Graduate School of Education for pursuing their Project Zero Zaentz Professional Learning Course –Teaching for Understanding.

 To ensure that the students develop their academic skills, our school has taken different initiatives throughout the year.

1. To encourage the reading habit among children,‘Mobile library’ a new initiative by the Library Department was launched.

2. To enhance concentration, Mr. Saikirtana from the ‘AHAM I AM ENOUGH’ training group, guided the students of Classes 7 to 10, to chant Vedic mantras entitled Narayan Upanishad in the month of April.

3. To identify a Meta-cognitive style of learning, Ms. Aline Brault, a professional development consultant from Canada, conducted sessions on English Grammar and Geography, for the students of Classes I, III, and IX in the month of May. She also interacted with the students of Class X.

 4. To help children improve their computational skills in Mathematics, a new Hobby Club, Number Ninjas was initiated by Mrs. Meenu.

Sports Report

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Tribune Model School has always taken that extra step to make the students believe in that.

The Sports department organized a series of Inter House indoor and outdoor tournaments for the games of chess, carom, football, and netball throughout the year. There has been an increase in participation and achievements in Netball, Athletics, Football, and Tennis outside the school arena, such as inter-school, state level and national-level events






U-14 Girls’ Team


3rd CL DAV Trophy for Chandigarh State



U-14 Girls’ Team


Inter School Netball Tournament organized by UT Education Department



The team comprised of Dakshina (VII) Shivanshi (VII) Jaspreet (VIII) Harsehaj (VIII) Ayushi (VII) Komal (VII) Riya (VIII) Shrishti (VIII) Disha (VII) Manya (VII) Kamna (VIII) Shivani (IX)

U-17 Girls’ Team


Inter School Netball Tournament organized by UT Education Department



 The team comprised Khushi (VIII) Vanshika (IX) Kamal (X) Shehnaz (X)Mehak (IX) Khushboo (X) Sneha (X) Mehak (X)Pushpa (IX)Sushma (X) Tanya (X) Prerna (X) 

U-14 Girls’ Team


Netball State Tournament organized by Netball Association of Chandigarh



The team comprised Khushpreet (VI) Ayushi (VII) Disha (VII) Jaspreet (VIII)Divya (VI) Manya (VII)Shrishti (VI) Dakshita (VII)Shivanshi (VII) Kamna (VIII) Riya (VIII) Shivani (IX) 

Our U-16, Girls Netball team comprised of Manya (VII) Khushi (VIII) Shivanshi (VII) Pushpa (IX) Shrishti (VIII) Vanshika (IX) participated in the 24th Sub Junior National Netball Championship held at Una, Himachal Pradesh from 5th December to 10th December 2018.

Our U-17 Girls Netball team comprised Komal (X) Shehnaz (X), Khushboo (X) Prerna (X), Sneha (X) Mehak (IX), and U-14 Girls Netball team comprised of Ayushi (VII) Jaspreet (VIII) Dakshita (VII) Disha (VII) participated in the Netball National Championship held at Chhattisgarh, organized by the School Games Federation of India from 21st December to 30th December 2018.

Mehak (IX), and Shehnaz (X) took part in the Netball National Championship organized by Netball Federation of India,held at Bhatinda, Punjab from 27th January to

31st January 2019.


In the month of October at the Chandigarh North and South District Athletic Meet the students of our school made us proud by winning 18 medals in various events.

Javelin Throw-Girls   Sushma of Class X, Gold

Javelin Throw-Boys   Nischit of Class IX, Gold

High Jump-Girls   Jaspreet of Class VIII, Silver

High Jump-Boys   Harsh Yadav of Class IX, Gold

High Jump-Boys   Harshveer of Class VIII, Silver

Long Jump-Girls   Khushboo of Class X, Silver

Long Jump-Boys   Ayush of Class VIII, Silver

100m-Girls   Kumkum of Class X, Bronze

400m-Boys   Aman of Class X, Silver

600m-Boys   Vaibhav of Class X, Bronze

Shotput-Boys   Harjot of Class IX, Bronze

Harsh Yadav of Class IX brought laurels for the school by winning a Gold in High Jump and a Silver in Long Jump, at the Chandigarh State Athletic Meet organised by Athletic Association of Chandigarh in the month of January 2019.

He stamped his prowess once again by winning Silver in Long Jump and Bronze in High Jump in the Inter School Annual Athletic Meet organized by UT Education Department from 29th January to 1st February 2019.

Pushpa, of Class IX, also made us proud by winning Silver in Shot put at the Chandigarh State Athletic Meet organised by Athletic Association of Chandigarh in the month of January 2019.


The 3rd Tribune Trust Football Tournament was held from 8th October to 10th October 2018 in our school premises. It saw the participation of 10 schools from across Chandigarh. The Girls’ team of our school secured the second position whereas the Boys’ team bagged the third position in the tournament. Harsh Yadav and Pushpa of Class IX of Tribune Model School, were declared as the Best Players in their respective categories.

Lawn Tennis

Harjot Singh (IX) participated in Lawn Tennis in the 64th National School Games organized by the School Games Federation of India, held in Mumbai in the month of February.

Strengthening synergies between parents –students-teachers

1. The Chairperson, Mrs. Chand Nehru, conducted sessions on “Supportive Parenting” for the parents of the students of Classes IX & X to help their children deal with exam stress on 2nd February 2019.

2. Dr. Devendra Agochiya, a renowned motivational speaker, trainer, and expert in youth empowerment, conducted training sessions for students, teachers and parents in the school premises from 12th to 13th February 2019.

3. There have been two initiatives undertaken in partnership with AHAM I AM ENOUGH Training Group.

4. ‘Parenting School’, a full-day program for effective parenting for the parents of kindergarten was conducted by Dr. Nalini Taneja on 6th April and 7th April 2018.

5. On 22nd September and 23rd September 2018, an overnight camp, the ‘Way Finder’s Retreat’ was organized on the outskirts of Chandigarh. The camp was attended by 112 students, teachers, and parents. The sessions included effective parenting techniques by the Chairperson Ms. Chand Nehru and Dr. Ankur.    Enriching the evening was a flute recital and an introduction to star gazing with sophisticated telescopes by Dr. Apurva Goswamy from Quantum Solutions India

6. ‘Changemaker Homes for Happiness’ moderated by the principal Ms. Vandana Saxena between the students and parents of Classes IX and X.

7. ‘Curious conversations to discuss parent-child expectations’ was moderated on 7th July 2018 by Ms. Swati for the students of Class X and their mothers.

8. ‘Mom and Me play together’ and ‘Talk on Healthy Food Habits’ were the two programs organized by the class teachers of Kindergarten in the month of May and July.

9. Creating collages on ‘Harmonious Home’, students of Class X worked with their mothers in the month of July.

Staff Development

Tribune school family consists of 45 well-trained, experienced, and dedicated teaching staff, 3 administrative staff, and 16 supporting staff.

Staying updated is the key to success in any field especially in the field of education. Our teachers including our Principal constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops and various training programs.

1. Mr. Sachin Kumar, our sports faculty, attended a Six-week course in basketball held at the Sports Authority India, LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, from    15th May to 23rd June 2018, under the mass sports participation program.

2. From 19th May to 22nd May 2018, Ms. Harshmani and Ms. Swati from the English Department, conducted sessions with 9 teachers, to help them enhance their teaching practices of English Grammar.

3. Ms. Harshmani, Mr. Ashu, Mrs. Charu Malhotra, and Ms. Ridhima attended a three-day residential School Leadership Workshop with IECS in India International Centre, New Delhi in the months of June and December 2018.

4. The principal, Ms. Vandana Saxena conducted a workshop for a group of 40 leaders at India International Centre, New Delhi on ‘Managing Failure’ and ‘Education for Sustainable Development’.

5. On 13th July and 14th July 2018, the entire teaching staff attended training sessions based on “Inclusiveness in Education”. This program was conducted by Ms. Balasaraswathy Nair of Vedas Ignite, Surat. She guided the teachers to use creative and easy-to-follow strategies for solving behavioral issues in children and keeping all learners engaged in class.

6. Mr. Ashu and Ms. Kiran, our Computer faculty attended a training program on ‘Emerging Computer Technologies’ and learned about cloud computing, ethical hacking, and the Linux operating system.

7. Inspector Reena Yadav and Sub-inspector Mr. Sanjay, along with a team of 4 members from SWAYAM, Women cell, Chandigarh police, guided staff members about the use of self-defense techniques and the laws that protect women.

8. The School Counsellor, Ms. Avleen, sensitized the teachers of the School about ‘Child Sexual Abuse’, its hidden symptoms, and the action plan as per the POCSO Act.

Collaborative projects

1. We take pride in announcing that in the month of May, Tribune Model School was accepted as a member of the Caring Schools- Common Good Campaign by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA. Under this initiative our students worked on two projects. Kartik Tiwari and Anish Chaudhary of Class X conducted several activities in and out of the School to sensitize the masses about the menace of on “Cyber Security”. Harshita, Muskan, Komal of Class X, and Shrishti, Khushi of Class VIII,worked in Government and other private schools for their project on Menstrual Hygiene.

2. Lion’s Club Panchkula Premier, organized a free Vision Testing Camp on 12th July 2018, where 300 students of the primary school were tested for eye defects by using a simple, child friendly, German made machine. Yet again on 29th October 2018, they organized four projects simultaneously.

  1. A ‘Health Camp’ for students and teachers.
  2. A ‘Poster Making Competition’ based on “Peace” for Classes –I- X
  3. An ‘Inter-House Debate Competition’ for Classes VIII-X on various topics.
  4. A ‘Punjabi Paper Reading Contest’ for Classes VI-VIII.

The District Governor, Lion Ravi Mehra, was the Chief Guest and Mr. Parvinder Singh, the President of the Club, volunteered his services actively with his team.

3. A two-day conclave, the Inter School Change Maker Fest was organised on 20th July and 21st July 2018, in collaboration with Ashoka Innovators Bengaluru. Various workshops ear marked for this event. The Inter-school competition brought to light eminent speakers who have brought a positive change in the community to a group of 150 students from 10 schools of the Tricity. Each school team presented their idea of social concern providing self-directed solutions. Kartik Tiwari of School won the most innovative idea for his project on Cyber security.

4. From 10th August to 12th August 2018, the Principal,Mrs. Vandana Saxena was invited to attend tGELF’s annual leadership retreat in Rishikesh. She interacted with 150 young and older leaders from across the world who were eager to improve the state of their inner and outer worlds.




We are happy to share the glad news that our students of class X, who appeared for Secondary School Examination by C.B.S.E. session 2016-17, passed in flying colors. 20 students were under 9-10 C.G.P.A. whereas 4 students Santosh Kumari, Mansi Kashyap, Riya and Sahil Yadav managed to bag a perfect 10 C.G.P.A.

They were awarded and honoured by our respected ma’am principal.

 Now I would like to share the achievements of our students listed month wise.


  1. Divyanshu of class X B won a silver medal in Light Bantam Weight 52 kg category in the 38th Chandigarh State Junior Boxing Championship held at SD Public School on 18 & 19 April 2017.
  1. On the invitations from the income tax department, Chandigarh, in the month of April and May, our melodious students Tanvi, Deepti, Adarsh and Abhinav along with our talented music teacher Mr. Atul performed in different occasions in the presence of The Honourable chief minister Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar and The Honourable governor of Haryana Sh. Kaptan Singh Solanki and brought a recognition for our school.
  1. Shivanshi, Om and Disha of classes V and VI brought laurels to the school by bagging 1st, 3rd and special mention award in the state level art and craft competitions held in October at City Montessori School, Lucknow on 12th International Innovation Day.
  1. As part of Harmony 2018 conducted by tGELF at Strawberry Fields High School our debating team with Nishtha, Anish, Sarika and Rahul of class X were declared as runners up. In the street play competition the TMS team comprising of Shivansh, Sarika, Bhabesh were placed at the first position.
  1. Harsh Yadav of class VIII won a Bronze Medal in Long Jump and Silver Medal in High jump in the Annual Athletic Meet organised by the Education Department of Chandigarh Administration in the month of December
  1. In a State level Athletic Meet organised by the Reliance Foundation, two students, Sneha and Komal of class IX, got Gold and Bronze medals respectively in high jump in the month of December
  1. In the same month students under-13 boys’ category managed to secure a position in top 5 in Kabir Trophy organised by St. Kabir Public School.
  1. Pushpa, a student of class VIII represented Chandigarh in the National under-14 Football Tournament at Pune organised by School Games Federation of India in the month of January 2018
  1. In a state level Cooking Competition organised by Heritage Girls School, Udaipur, Muskan of class IX emerged as a winner under healthy Snacks making category with a cash prize of Rs. 11000 in the month of January.


  1. In the same month Tanya of class IX was awarded a gold medal and certificate of merit for her excellent performance in 3rd International Equanimity Olympiad 2017



To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, our school has taken different initiatives throughout the year.


  1. To enhance the English curriculum and to help the students to become expressive, The English Literary week was observed for class X in the month of May. Ms Deeptha Vivekanand was the resource person. After a week-long training, on the concluding day all the students presented different folk tales in groups. Class libraries have been set up for the classes I-V as per their intellectual level to inculcate reading habit from the very beginning. To enhance the reading skills, a Read-a-thon Competition was conducted for classes IV-V where students were evaluated for the ability to read under two categories –Avid Reading –Individual and in group.
  1. The students of Classes III-V explored the various methodologies of mathematics using the different techniques of storytelling, with resource person, Ms Deeptha Vivekanand, during the Mathematics Literary week held in the month of July.
  1. To encourage the love for Hindi language, in the month of august, the Hindi dept organised a four day long literary week for the students and teachers. In the interschool event, thirteen schools participated from the tricity.
  1. To promote gender equality in sports, this year our school has included a girls football team for the first time, in the 2nd Tribune Trust Football tournament under 14 where eight schools in Boy’s category and five schools in girl’s category participated in the month of August. Our school emerged as the winner in the Boy’s category whereas the girl’s team bagged the third position.
  1. In the month of October ,The 6th Annual Athletic Meet, an inter house event of the school held outside the school arena saw the enthusiastic participation of 275 students from classes IV-X, in which high jump was introduced for the first time. The motto of the event was “True sportsmanship is excellence in motion”.
  1. NAV CHETNA, A ninety minutes of amalgamation of music, dance, theatre and yoga by no less than 207 students from classes IV – X was presented as an annual musical journey in the month of November. By keeping the vision of the school in mind the focus was on the transformation in human potential.
  1. In the month of December a four day dental and eye examination camp was organised in the school premises. The students were examined and the importance of hygiene as a vital parameter to avoid ailments was stressed upon by the medical team.
  1. For the first time in December 2017, the school organised Kala Sangam outside the school arena to create a fraternity of art lovers amongst students and teachers across the tricity. It saw the participation of 250 students in creating photographs, paintings, Murals, and tile painting to display at museum and art gallery Sec 10, Chandigarh.
  1. Our school in partnership with Ashoka Innovators for the public and Oracle launched Chandigarh’s first ever change maker day on 06th Feb 2018, where eminent speakers interacted with the students of the school on how every individual is capable of making a change in society
  1. 137 Kindergarten tiny tots showcased their talent on stage, by participating in their annual musical presentation, ‘The Darkest Dark’ and ‘How to catch a star’ in the month of February


By providing a conducive and encouraging environment and to expand learning experience through visual arts a trip to Jibhi valley was conducted by our school in the month of  September. Along with the trekking in the mountains the artists eye of the students from the photography and the painter’s club came alive under the guidance of their instructors Mr. Jagjit and Ms. Amanpreet Kaur.

 Workshops for students and parents:


  1. Dr Nalini Taneja of Aham – I am Enough, a Delhi based organisation discussed how to improve the self esteem of students, self care strategies and on better parenting techniques with the students, parents and the teachers over a two day workshop on 07th and 08th Apr 2017.
  1. The same month witnessed a three day long Vedic chanting workshop, conducted by the music department with the resource person Shree Prafulla Chandra, students of class IX and X learnt to enhance their memory power.
  1. Cyber security was dealt upon in an exclusive workshop for classes IX and X. It was conducted by the school’s computer department highlighting the need for awareness about security and privacy in the virtual world in the month of May. Mr Kumar Varun, a software engineer working with Infosys was the resource person.
  1. To increase the commitment towards our society and kindness to animals our school organised a talk on tackling cruelty and the menace of street dogs by Ms Payal Sodhi for the students of classes VIII-X in the month of August.
  1. Students of class VII to IX got training in the skills of debating by the facilitators from ISB Mohali in six different sessions throughout the year.
  1. Keeping the road safety and traffic rules in mind Students of Classes IX, X and their parents attended a workshop conducted by Chandigarh Traffic police on 29th Sep.
  1. To deal with the problem of selecting right stream our school organised a career counselling workshop for students and their parents form class X conducted by Mr. Abhinav from Pratham in the month of September.
  1. Students of Classes IX and X along with their parents took part in an informative gathering, discussing the importance of monitoring the use of technology particularly with reference to the Blue Whale game conducted by Mr. Ashu in the month of September.
  1. In the same month parents of the students of Classes VII-X were given a detailed insight into the ‘Importance Of Right Nutrition’ . Mr Sachin conducted the one and a half hours long discussion at the school.
  1. In the month of October the students of Classes VIII, IX and X were educated by Dr Sarindra Sethi, a clinical psychologist, a counsellor and a psychiatrist on drugs and alcohol addiction. The event was conducted by the Rotary Club, Mohali
  1. Healthy mind resides in a healthy body keeping this in mind our school is conducting morning clubs for different sports namely Badminton, Football, Handball, Net ball etc for classes IV-X.
  1. Our counsellor Ms. Avleen conducted different counselling session time to time for the students, parents to address different issues and tried to fulfil their intellectual needs


Tribune school family consist of 43 well-trained, experienced and dedicated teaching staff, 4 administrative staff  and 16 supporting staff .

Staying updated is the key to success in any field especially in the field of education. Our teachers including our principal constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops and various training programmes.


  1. In the month of March Our Honourable Chairperson Mrs. Chand Nehru conducted a workshop on the techniques to inculcate human values among for all the staff members of our school.
  1. Ms. Amandeep, Ms Navneet, Ms Meenuand & Ms Swati attended a two day long workshop on Grooming Leadership in classroom held at Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh in the month of April.
  1. IECS Delhi organised a three day residential school leadership event in the month of June. The principal, Mrs Vandana Saxena, along with 3 staff members Ms Seema Sharma, Ms Amandeep Kaur and Mr Binesh Choudhary attended the event. They shared their experiences with forty other leaders from all over the country.
  1. Dr. Deepesh Gautam conducted a workshop on better mind management for better learning for all the staff members of Tribune Model School in the month of July
  1. In the month of August, Our worthy principal Mrs Vandana Saxena actively took part in a 3 day long workshop by tGELF on opportunity, innovation and enterprise and interfaith conversation held at Taj Palace, New Delhi.
  1. In the month of August, Ms Anupma, Ms Narinder, Ms Divya , Ms Tarunpreet, Ms Harkirat and Ms Seema Badyal attended a workshop on developing number sense using different methodology conducted by Shahji from Jodo Gyan , New Delhi.
  1. In the month of September fourteen teachers , M/s Anupama, M/s Charu, M/s Nidhi, M/s Ridhima, M/s Supriya , M/s Amanpreet , M/s Tarunpreet, Mr Atul, M/s Meenu, M/s Harshmani, Mr Ashu, M/s Swati, M/s Amandeep, M/s Avleen participated in a Four day long skill fest held at Hotel Mount View
  1. The principal M/s Vandana Saxena attended a six day long residential program in October, organised by IIM Ahmedabad focussing on the strategic leadership for schools in the changing environment.
  1. Our computer teacher Mr. Ashu Lama attended a workshop on bringing computational thinking to school held at Chitkara International School.
  1. To relax the stress of the teachers Mr. Rakesh Kumar conducted anin-house workshop on creativity with Fabric Colours for all the teachers.
  1. Our teachers have also matched step to step with our young achievers. M/s Vinima and M/s Amanpreet were selected as two among the eight finalists from 136 applicants under the category transforming classrooms, organised by the Global education and leadership foundation for Education prize 2017.
  1. Our principal Mrs. Vandana Saxena makes us proud by participating and giving a one hour presentation on inspiring leaders to work in their school communities and transform for excellence in education in 42nd school leaders conference, New Delhi in front of 56 school leaders across the country.
  1. Mr Sachin got the fabulous teacher award based on the survey carried out by the students of classes IX and X, organised by Pratham in association with Q Pundits, New Delhi.
  1. Our experienced teacher Ms. Nidhi was the one among the 29 teachers from the tricity to get an invite for a two day workshop on making chemistry interesting in class conducted by Royal Society of Chemistry, London


To give back to the society for various noble causes, activities and support for the needy, our students consolidated to various organisations. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the students and parents for their voluntary contribution for the noble cause.


Before concluding this report, I bow my head in reverence to the Almighty God for the blessings He has showered upon this institution. May I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to students, staff both teaching and non-teaching, parents, benefactors and well wishers for the whole hearted co operation.

Let me conclude this report with the promise of excellence, with the hope of new beginning




A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. TMS added feathers to its hat of honor with two of our Class X students -Shruti Maurya & Hritwik Singh scoring a CGPA of perfect 10 and seven more students brought laurels with a  CGPA  above 9 in the session 2015- 2016.

The innovative methods used by our teachers were projected the  enhanced  academic curriculum.The department of English dramatized two famous plays  William Shakespeare’s -”The Merchant of Venice “and Norman Mckinnel’s” The Bishop’s Candlesticks” with classes IX and X in the month of August. It established a superior connection with the roots of the English language. A story Fest in the month of May, observed for classes 1 to 8 had story building sessions and a Book Fair by Scholastic Publications.

The Hindi literary week in the month of August saw the interaction of the students from Classes I-X with experts – Mr. Ajay Singh Rana, Mr. Ashish Sindhia encouraging creative writing skills .The use of theatre as a powerful medium of instruction was unfolded by the theatre expert Mr Vijay Kumar for teachers. Mansi of class X and Sanchita of class VIII received consolation prizes in essay writing competitions conducted in the month of DAV School and Arya Samaj School, Chandigarh respectively in the month of

 To commemorate the Republic Day, the Social Science department  conducted an assembly tracing the history of Indian Constitution along with the flavor of the key words like justice, equality, liberty, republic, democratic and secular.

Rahul Rana of Class IX-B attended a three day residential Salters’ Chemistry Camp  conducted by Royal Science Society London at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research ,Mohali. The known facts and findings of yoga were demonstrated by Kashish and Ashish at SCERT UT Chandigarh in the month of July as part of their presentation of a Science Project.

Relating Subjects with our daily lives , Integrated Projects were initiated for the students of classes IV – VIII through  collaboration of Science, Social Science, Math and English departments.These projects based on simple topics like  Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and Medicinal plants  were displayed for the parents in the month of August.

 Workshops and Training 

A series of Workshops spread over three days were conducted  by Mr. Sukhad Manik Munde, an eminent Pakhawaj Player of International acclaim from Pune, at the beginning of the session.These  brought the entire community-Parents, Teachers and Students on the same platform as they attended sessions focussing on how to strike a balance between love and discipline and stress on team work.

Professor B.L. Handoo, an Educational Innovator ,from Indira Educational Consultancy Services,Noida sensitized teachers about Improving School Performance, Lesson Planning, Mind Mapping and Higher Order Thinking Skills in the month of February,2017.

Mrs Supriya Banerjee and Ms Harshmani attended a three day residential school leadership programme with IECS at India International Centre New Delhi,in the month of June.

The principal Mrs Vandana Saxena presented a paper based on Education for Sustainability for a group of forty school leaders from all across India during this school leadership programin the month of September.

Recognition was brought to the school by Mrs. Anupma Chopra who was awarded the Winner of The Primary School-Urban Indian Category of The Education Prize 2016, by The Global Education Leadership Foundation,New Delhi, for her innovation in engaging with her students in the  classroom and outside with the community with her project “Clean India,Green India”.

The Friday web designing club was initiated by the computer department where students learnt HTML programming and created web sites on topics of their  interest.To  add more to their knowledge of cyber gadgets, a cyber quiz was organized for classes VIII and IX.

Commitment to Social Issues  –

The Tribune Youth Leads The Change Club initiated a drive towards  “Quality Education in schools” in the month of August.Tarleen of class 10 and Ishaan of class 9, under the guidance of Ms Harshmani spent their time during the summer break to teach students of the economically weaker section.

The Interact Club ,a student leadership club to work on soacial issues,was initiated in January, 2017 in TMS in collaboration with the Rotary International .Rahul Rana of class 9 was the first President Elect.

Ms. Anjana Mittal,Teacher Incharge  along with 5 students of Class 8 commenced an Adult Literacy Programme in the month of September for the Group-D staff of the School in the subjects of Hindi and Math in association with the TEACH for India Campaign.

Mrs. Rajni Arora was felicitated with the Nation Builder Award for an Outstanding Teacher 2016 on World Literacy Day by Rotary Club, Mohali.

 Mr. Vasudev, our gardener, was awarded a special recommendation for his exemplary attitude and behavior by the Rotary Club, Mohali.

We also initiated Special Remedial classes for the students of cases I-VIII  from Aug 01-Sep 30 in the  subjects  of English, Math and Science by the senior students  of Classes 8,9 and 10  twice a week for an hour each day.

The students of 6 ,7 and 8  visited  The institute for Blind and Ashadeep-the institute for mentally challenged in the month of February,2017 and spent a whole day interacting with the inmates.

Extending our regard to the Armed Forces, TMS contributed Rs. 8000 to the ‘Army Relief Fund and clothes were donated to the GOONJ – an NGO working for the upliftment of the tribal and the under privileged people of our society.

Students of Shankaracharya House presented a special morning assembly on the topic “Organ Donation”. Through this assembly , the students tried to spread the message “Live Life, then Give Life”.

Environmental sensitivity : –

The Green Olympiad ,by TERI in the month of August saw many awardees. Students from classes IV-X participated in it and four students – Parth , Kartik, Rahul and Anish  bagged a distinction in this written exam.

For promoting habits of reducing, refusing, reusing and recycling for conserving the environment and creating awareness on waste management, Project S.E.A.R.C.H (Sensitization, Education And Awareness on Recycling for a clear Habitat)  was initiated in TMS in partnership with TERI (The energy and resource institute) and Tetrapak in the year 2013.

In the month of December, our Principal Ms. Vandana Saxena, was awarded with the Project SEARCH-Award of Honor as a principal with demonstrable leadership quality and the passion to promote sustainable consumption and active citizenship in the school and the community around.

Also our school was awarded the second place nationally in the SEARCH Impact award competition at a function in New Delhi.Ms. Vinima Bhardwaj, our school teri coordinator received it on behalf of the school.

Kalasangam 2016, an annual  creative display of visual and performing arts in the month of November,was centered around the UN Global Goals 2030. The goals covered by the hobby clubs were from  a wide range of social issues ranging from no poverty to quality education, good health and well being to gender equality, zero hunger to clean water and sanitation and so on.

Based on all India rating of Green Schools, TMS received a rating of 50 to 69.9%  harbouring a green certification from The Centre for Science & Environment Green Schools Programme.

The students of Tribune Model School were made aware about the cause ‘Save Water’ by a street play, ‘ Jal hai toh Kal hai…’ by Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration, ‘Yuvsatta’ and ‘Eco Club’ of Tribune Model School on May 5, 2016.

Visual and Performing Arts:

The goal of visual and performing Arts is the vital expression of self.

“BHARATA” – Our  Annual Musical Dance Drama in the month of December 2016 saw the participation of 177 students from classes 4 to 10 in four theatrical performances depicting the subtle thread of Bhaav,Raag and Taal that distinguishes the Indian culture and tradition from the rest of the world.

126 students of the Kindergarten showcased two tales of friendship adapted from Walt Disney”s-The Portrait of Friendship”and ‘The Story of Rooh”as their Annual Musical Presentation on March 04, 2017. 

Our nukad natak team with Rahul,Sahil and Sunidhi of class 10 ,Gulistan and Kartik of class 8 won the regional finals of Harmony 2016 organized by tGELF at the Strawberry Fields High School ,Chandigarh and travelled to New Delhi to Scottish International School with Mrs Asha Bhardwaj to attend a series of workshops based on leadership and participate in the national finals.

The Visual arts department brought glory to the school with many of our students having been recognized by wider communities outside school.

Sitting on the cover page of the new drawing file designed and introduced by the art .department was the artwork of one of our students-Amandeep.

Anish of Class IX won the first prize in the Poster Making Competition on Environment conducted by Uttarakhand Jan Chetna Manch. A IIIrd Prize was won by Om Pushpakar of Class IV in the Aaj Samaj Painting Competition  based on the theme Independence Day on August 13, 2016.

Our school campaign for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals won the first prize in photography in the group school category during the celebration of the 11 International Innovation Day arranged by the City Montessori School ,Lucknow.This campaign was designed and conducted by Mrs Amanpreet.


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything,

Matching this wavelength,we have  introduced Indian classical form of music for synergizing the purity of mind and soul within individuals.For this purpose training  for voice culture and swaras was initiated right from the Kindergarten to Class 10.

The joy of Group singing was introduced for the entire School every Monday morning.


Encouraging the Sports culture :-

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Perceiving this thought in our minds and celebrating the National Sports Day, the school introduced the first “Tribune Trust Football Tournament” in the month of August. This tournament invited participants from U-14 boys for 7 a side Football matches from 8 Schools of the Tricity.


Rupali of class X won two Gold Medals in time trial and mass trial and Harsh Yadav Of class VII got third position in the State Cycling Tournament organized by the Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association at Dhanas Lake.

Ayush Raikhy bagged first position in 100 mtrs and 600 metres Race at Chandigarh Inter school state Sub- Junior and junior athletic championship.

Harjot Singh of Class VII secured 1st position in the Tennis Tournament organized by Rainbow International School, Sector-27 D,  Chandigarh.

11 students of Tribune Model School won laurels at the Pride Soccer Challenge held at Oakridge International School, Landran. The event was organized by Pride Sports Management Private Ltd. It was a 5 days Football Camp at Delhi giving  our students a brilliant exposure in technical skills of the game, team play and individual contribution.





To quote Mahatma Gandhi:

“In a gentle way you can shake the world.”

Much has been spoken about the need to attend and to cater to the “character and value”.  Development of self along with academic achievement forms the nuclei of all learning processes at our school.

And today we have reached the time to reflect back on achievements, experiences and learning opportunities that made the year 2015 -16 a remarkable one.


We take pride to announce that Hritwik Singh of class X has been selected for the YES Abroad 2016-17 program initiated by The Global Education Leadership Foundation in partnership with AFS (Intercultural Programs India). The 100% scholarship program supported by the U.S. inclusive of High School would be beneficial to explore cross cultural value systems and skills.

Students from all across India were evaluated for their excellence in Academics, talent in creative field and depth of their rooting and understanding of the Indian Culture and tradition. Hritwik is one of the ten students selected across the nation.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that in the academic session 2015 – 16, Bhaumik Singh Shahi , Himanshu Singh Rajput and Himani Thakur scored CGPA 9.2 and CGPA 9 respectively  in the Class X CBSE examinations.

Growth in academics is a result of the multiple opportunities provided in school for up gradation of skills and knowledge. To enhance languages, literary week celebrations were introduced this year for the first time The students of classes I to X sailed through skills of creative expression  by making beautiful comic strips, Diary entries and visiting The State Central Library, Chandigarh, during the English Literary week. A story telling session by Mrs. Shikha Sood spiced up the rhetoric and dramatic forms of presenting tales. Our students were indeed motivated during the interaction with Master Ishaan Arora, the writer of “The Mysterious Sword man”  and the youngest author of India.

The Hindi Literary week commenced with the inauguration of a Book Fair, enhancing the love for literature through an interactive session with Mr. Anurag, an author and further leaping into the fun-filled theatrical form of narrating stories by Mr. Vijay Kumar.

The Department of Punjabi explored the dimensions of expression during their fun-filled interaction with S. Komal Singh, Editor of Primary Sikhiya and Pankhuri, leading children magazines. His words revived the memories of childhood and his poems infused life into the bounties of nature.

The Science Department this year leveled the instincts of enquiry on “Pets”. Each child chose a pet and researched about various animals, their origins, habitats, etc and shared through colorful and vibrant projects. The Social Science Department claimed limelight with Quiz and Chocolate Time, motivating the students to focus on the reading of newspaper.  It was the product of good reading habits that Kartik Tiwari and Suryansh secured IInd positions for them at the India Quiz conducted by The Central State Library, Chandigarh. The Department of Mathematics enjoyed the fun-filled Soft-Board Display on “Shapes & Patterns”.


An integral part of the school curriculum, the human values program at Tribune Model School works towards arousing intrinsic motivation to explore profound insights of mind and emotion. We are privileged to have been guided by mentors as Mrs. Shanti Bhavalkar who sensitized the parents, students and teachers on “Self-expression”. A workshop on Vedic chanting by Mr. Damrik Sai signified the experience of peace and spiritual insights.

As education must not only inform but also transform; the annual plays performed across the spectrum found their focus in values. It was indeed a matter of pride to witness 150 students showcase parables from the Mahabharat at the Annual Musical Presntation, Anubhuti – an awaknening. The 75 minute musical ensemble glorified the value of faith in oneself and the supreme power. Class I celebrated the value of right conduct as the basis of prosperity during “Ali Baba and Chalis Chor” while classes II and III embarked on a journey into the Land of Numbers highlighting the universal value of truth. The fables of Panchtantra were staged by the tiny tots of Kindergarten to highlight the values of kindness and wisdom.

Outside the school premises, Pragati from the Kindergarten bagged the second prize for her thoughtful portrayal of Sita at the Fancy Dress Competition and Kartik Tiwari of Class VII secured IInd position at the Mythological Quiz based on Hindu scriptures at the Iskcon Temple, Chandigarh. He was amongst the 8 students who cleared the written test and represented the school in the finals.  Anish Benjwal and Kartik Tiwari reserved second postion in the Essay writing competition organized by the Arya Samaj Mandir.


In the vast and diverse field of education, staying updated forms a vital parameter to enhance the process of teaching and learning. Our brigade of 45 teachers constantly strives to learn and hone their skills by attending workshops and training programs. A few of them include 21st century skills for an effective teacher and Engaging students holistically by Mr. Nabarun Roy, Needs of Special children by Ms. Gurman Sandhu, Harnessing Creativity and Innovation by our worthy Principal Mrs. Vandana Saxena and Effective Teaching learning by Mr. B. l. Handoo in addition to various art & craft, computers, yoga and moral values workshop.

Mrs. Vinima Bhardwaj and Mrs. Kusum Kanwar were selected to attend a two days National Educators Conference organized by TERI at New Delhi.

Mrs. Supriya Bannerjee Vashishtha acclaimed the Special mention Award in the Primary School Category at the Global Education Leadership Foundation for the Education Prize 2015, Harnessing Innovation. She was recognized for bringing a change in the ethos of the classroom using innovative ideas.


To cultivate compassion, charity and developing the quality of “Help ever, Hurt never.” The Tribunians visited institutes of the physically disabled, orphanages, blind school and generously extended support to the Nepal Earthquake victims.

The year gone by initiated a leap towards the noble cause of “Blood Donation” with the first ever Blood Donation Camp at the school premises. We have been blessed to be supported by 57 parents who donated blood at the camp.


We are proud to announce ourselves as partners in the mission of The Energy Resources Institute that aims to work towards maintaining the ecological balance and offering better environments to ourselves and our future generations. Under the guidance of Mrs. Vinima Bhardwaj, Yasmeen of class X was selected for the STEP Program at Goa. Working on the project “ Creaty and Scrapy” in the seven day leadership program, she engaged and motivated students to reuse tetra packs and creatively transform them into useable articles to be further donated to the children in the slum areas. Mrs. Anupma Chopra was amongst the 4 teachers to be selected from the City Beautiful for Tetra Pack Teacher Ambassador Programme She initiated the project “Clean India Green India” by taking up various awareness campaigns and drives around the city for correct disposal of plastics and other wastes.


In addition to the educational trips that form a part of the real life experiential learning, adventure trips to Rishikesh, Dehradun, Mussorie and Kasauli were organized to help the students learn the art of appreciating the nature.


The volunteers of the TYLC, T-gelf and TERI were seen actively on the forefront to take up the tasks of awareness amongst their fellow students by conducting assemblies from time to time. Our school celebrated the Vigilance Awareness week in collaboration with the State Bank of Patiala wherein the students voiced their opinions to curb Corruption in India. The students were seen learning, living and sensitizing others with the blend of reality and by finding ways and means to prevent evil practices in the society. Thought provoking issues like Bachon ke dil baat, Rakht Daan Mahadaan, Swachch Hum Swastha Hum were portrayed by the students.


“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” The Annual School exhibition ‘Kala Sangam’ served as a platform to project the innate talents, innovation and creativity of the students in art & craft, photography, gardening, Clay modeling, Indian choir and Street blenders. Indian Classical Music, a stepping stone towards spiritual progress was introduced in the school. The Sur Sangam Choir group performed a ‘Sargam Geet’ of Raga Bhoopali & Swarmala group presented  a qawwali ‘Dil Dukhayein Na’ that resounded with the love for humanity in the corridors of the school. It was a moment of pride and honor to be invited through the Blood Bank Society to perform the highly appreciated song, “ Rakht Daan Karle” composed by Mr. Atul Dubey, our Music teacher at the All India States Conference . The creative instincts of Deepika reserved first position for her at the Design a Stamp Competition organized by the Postal Department Chandigarh. The Fine Arts faculty Ms. Amanpreet and Mr. Anil conducted workshops for the students of the primary school based on Ice-cream craft, mix-media, landscape, Silhouette painting. In addition to this, Mr. Rakesh Sen taught Bottle Sculptures, Mr. Ravinder Kumar Sharma Collage making, Mr. Gurpreet Dhuri and Ms. Gagandeep taught Clay modeling.  Also, the design and concept of our invitation card “Anubhuti”, the Annual Play, was appreciated by our honorable trustee and the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, his Excellency Mr. N.N. Vohra.

Our students won accolades at the Regional Finals of “Harmony”, a series of Competitions arranged by T-Gelf at Scottish High International School, Gurgaon. Our Debating Team comprising of Hritwik Singh and Mohit Aggarwal, Shivangi and Shruti attended the National Finals along with the T-Gelf Co-ordinator, Ms. Amandeep. Close in line was the Street Blenders team with Niharika, Arushi, Naman, Rahul and Sarbjot with their outstanding performances.

Mr. Suresh Prasad retired after a long service of 28 years and enhanced into the golden period of beautiful memories.

With immense grief, we share with you the sad demise of Dr. Harish Dhillon, our respected Governing Body Member. A well known author and an experienced educationist, he would always be remembered for his wonderful contributions to the drive towards excellence in our school. Mrs. Anju Sharma, our Science Teacher also left for her heavenly abode after a long ailment.


“The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else,” said Martina Navratilova, tennis player.

Apart from commemorating victories, sports field also aim at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to children.  Physical Education aims to work with a hand in glove approach towards training the mind along with the physical attributes of strength, stamina and agility. 

The much awaited event of the year, the 4th Annual Athletic Meet observed a spectacular display of sportsmanship upholding the ethos of sports. The bevy of events ranging from the races and relays to shot put, javelin throw, long jump showcased an admirable sense of responsibility, discipline and order on the field. The weeklong athletic meet culminated amidst co-ordinated teamwork and achievements. The Annual athletic Best House Trophy was bagged by the Vishwamitra House while Aditya Pratap Singh, Mamta, Sourav, Jaspreet, Prerna, Ashish, Ruchika and Ayush Reikhy emerged as Best Athletes.

Besides an exemplary performance on the field, our young sportsperson, Ayush Reikhy emerged victorious yet again this year at the Chandigarh state sub-junior and Junior Athletic Championship by reserving the first positions in the 100m and 600 m races. He also secured IInd and IIIrd positions at the Inter-school Annual Athletics organised  by UT Education Department.

We are proud to announce that Nidhi of class X secured the 3rd position at the Nationals of the 18th Sub-Junior National Sepaktakraw Championship 2015 while Rupali, Neelam and Nikita were awarded scholarships by the sports Department, Chandigarh.

Rupali Khurana scaled new heights by reserving the first position in Time Trial and Mass Trials at the Chandigarh Track and Road Cycling Championships.

Prateek of Class IX and Abhinav of Class VIII represented the school and bagged third positions in the Chess tournaments at the Global Education’s leadership Foundation Mind Games.

Health and well being is close to our hearts. Our yoga team displayed high level of expertise under the guidance of Mr. Ashish and were invited to perform at NIPER and Panjab University.




Annual Report 2014 – 15

  • Academics

The scholastic performance of an institution is the benchmark used for gauging its excellence in academics. We take pride to announce that during the session 2013 – 14, 24 students appeared in class X board exams out of which Deepali scored the CGPA 9.4  and Swati &  Vishal Verma, scored the CGPA 9.2 respectively in the board exams.

Learning is a never ending process. Our teachers have been adopting a series of innovative methodologies to make learning processes interesting and to cater to the challenging needs of the students. A Planetarium show was also organized in collaboration with Orange Planetarium, New Delhi for all the classes. Teaching of Social Science derived its practicality from investigative studies, field trips, audio-visual learning solutions, dramatization, role-play, Group discussions and projects.

Cyber Olympiad was conducted for classes VI – X to help them gauge their flair for technology.

The school has been successfully conducting workshops for parents to enhance knowledge and outputs on various enlightening aspects viz Nutrition, heath & wellness, phonics, parenting, kinder music sessions, computers etc. For the students, workshops on Creative Writing, Vedic maths, ecosystem, clay modeling, screen printing, painting techniques, design management, life skills, etc were organized.

The teachers attended workshops on Effective teaching & learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Computers, painting , jyoti meditation,  life skill programmes etc.

“The end of Education is Character.”

We, at the Tribune Model School, firmly carry our inherent heritage and culture to make pace with the challenging, fast paced world today.  Human Values programme  forms an integral part of the school curriculum  under which each class progresses with teaching learning techniques in communion with the 5 – step Programme, comprising of Prayer, Story- telling, Silent Sitting, Group Singing and Group activities.

In our endeavor to enhance the joy of parenting and inculcating right work habits amongst our children, we were privileged to have been guided by Mrs. Maya Gaitonde, who conducted a series of sessions with parents, teachers and students sensitizing each towards the path of  perfection.

The School enrolled with the Global Education Leadership Foundation, tGELF, a programme initiative of Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation with the vision to nurture young ethical leaders that will be future agents of change.  Our School teams participated in the regional final rounds in the series of competitions- Harmony 2014, held in Chandigarh at the Strawberry World School. Himani Thakur of Class X won a special mention for her debating skills and our school team comprising of Satyam of Class X, Sahil and Aman Thakur of Class VIII and Naman and Aroshi of Class IX won the regional final round  in the Nukad Natak competition. These students attended an overnight camp of workshops and competitions along with 400 participants from all over the country at the Scottish High International School at Gurgaon this November, for the National Finals. Himanshu Singh Rajput had the privilege to attend a series of workshops for the Schloarship Selection programme.  

Our students attended workshops by TERI and were active participants of their STEP Programme, Project SEARCH, Initiation workshop for phase VII. It is a matter of great pride to mention here that Himanshu Singh Rajput of class X initiated the HEEW (healthy Environment by E-waste management) and was awarded Rs5000/- to accomplish the same. He also attended their leadership programmes at Goa and Mahableshwar.  Another feather was added to the cap when Sunidhi Bhatia of Class VIII B was selected to attend a residential workshop at Rudrpur, U.P. under the Tetra pack Ambassador Programme.

  • Co-curricular

Apart from striving to attain exemplary academic standards, we at Tribune Model School, believe in grooming every facet of the student’s personality. Our students have made a mark with their exuberant participations in co-scholastic areas, viz Talent Hunt, Declamation, Debate, Extempore, Quiz, Paper reading, Spell bee, writing, weave a yarn, Elocution and painting competitions. Not only this, the accolades won in various Inter-school Competitions make us proud of them.

In the Inter-School Model making Competition at Guru Nanak Public School, Chandigarh, the innovative model on “Conservation of natural resources” prepared by Preetinder and Priyanka of Class IX bagged the first prize.

Also, our project “Wake up to a Poly Free Zone” was selected amongst schools all over India with a reward of Rs10,000/- to accomplish the same.

Our students, Hritwik and Kunal of class IX got distinction in the Green Olympiad organized by TERI.

Our budding artist, Gursehaj Singh of class U.K.G. emerged as a strong contender at the finals of Avon Superstar of the city beautiful Compettion.

Our school bagged the second place  at the Green Art Fest organized by Yuvsatta.

Tribune Model School in association with the Lions Club hosted various competitions for the schools in the vicinity to their mission towards a Greener and healthier tomorrow.

To facilitate vibrant synergy of ideas through the environment children were taken beyond the confines of classrooms to provide them learning beyond books. They undertook investigative studies to nearby villages, religious and heritage places, and enjoyed their tips to Manali & Nepali Forest for their extended learning.

The Kindergarten blossomed amidst art, music and dance integrated with conceptual and value based learning to enhance their overall personalities through special activities like the Puppet show, potter’s wheel, etc.

Our students showcased the perfect blend of mind, soul and emotion during their Yoga asanas at the annual presentation and the Cognizance Programme held at the Panjab University, Chandigarh.

A school assembly is one of the most important aspects of a school’s curriculum. Its potential to nurture a positive school ethos stresses care for the self, others and the pursuit of all forms of excellence thereby powerfully nurturing the development of intrapersonal intelligence.  The concept of special assemblies has been planned to encourage and reflect upon the universal values of truth, love, peace, non-violence and right conduct which not only form the strong foundation of our institution but also pave way towards achieving personal, social, spiritual, moral, and cultural educations.

Totally integrated as a part of the curriculum, each class and department was witnessed working on all spheres to learn, live and spread not just values but a blend of reality with  the righteous amidst wonderful themes, concepts, social issues viz, lives of eminent personalities and leaders , Sarvdharma, Panch Aahar Leadership, Physical Education, Svachh Bharat, Child labour, female foeticide, Blood donation, Water conservation, Flight to the Universe and celebrations which outreaching the boundaries of festivals and celebrations touched upon the facets of existence.

It was indeed a memorable experience to witness 200 students from classes VII – X stage an amalgamation of scintillating songs and dance performances during their Annual Musical Presentation “Suvarna Jagriti”. The journey of righteous conduct, non-violence, truth and love thus embarked, left glittering trails on the minds of the audience.

It adds joy to mention that 120 students of the Kindergarten unfolded the virtue of togetherness through their seamless communion of visual and performing arts in Annual Musical Presentation “The Enormous Turnip”. The mesmerizing performances reinstated the golden memories of childhood in the audience.

The beautiful art & craft display has always given a new dimension to the walls of the school. The theme based bulletin boards and soft boards made by the students also contributed to elaborative learning for all age groups in the school.

The Annual School exhibition “Kala Sangam” surfaced the talent of the students through the innovative and creative clubs in art & craft, Photography, Gardening, Needle work, Mix Media, painting, clay modeling, techno world, electro hub, Indian & Western choir, street play and culinary skills.

Performing arts has evolved as the back-bone of the progressive confidence observed in the students and has turned as an effective medium of self-expression.

The year 2014-15 added another attraction to the curriculum in the form of Saturday Clubs for classes IX & X comprising of the Debator’s club & Poetry Club, Maths Club, Science Projects Club, Powerpoint Presentations, Graphic Designing, Generation Hope Club, Eco Club, Adult Education Programme, TERI & Disaster management Club.

This year, we also introduced the Grievance Redressal Forum in the school as a platform for the students and parents to voice their challenges that directly and indirectly affect the areas of growth in a child. Some students were counseled for transition between routines while others were helped to manage their time constructively.

To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, we have focused sessions on special topics including first aid and health education, traffic rules, Social responsibilities, environmental studies, fire prevention and safety, life skills, leadership skills, career planning and development etc.

“Existence is not merely living, but living in vigor.”

Physical Education not only fulfills this adage but also instills healthy contest, array, sportsmanship and team spirit into the students mind. Our students explored plenty of opportunities to excel in sports throughout the year. Ayush Reikhi of Class VII B brought laurels to the school at the Chandigarh North and South District Athletics Championship.

Our school presented an admirable commitment in Inter – School sports and games. Our students of classes VI – X bagged positions in the Ninth Inter-school Bicycle games organized on World Earth Day at Sector 10, Chandigarh. Rupali of Class VIII made us proud by reserving the first position for herself in different categories of the Chandigarh State Cycling Championship organized by the Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association.

Participating in Inter-school Basketball, Volley Ball, Football and Chess tournaments, students in the Under 14 and Under 17 categories set high standards by rendering tough competitions. Our young stars scaled new heights in the Inter-school Pre Subroto Football Tournament in the Under 14 category, Under 17 Volley Ball Tournament and Under 14 Basket Ball Tournaments.

 The national Sports day was marked with a cycle rally to Sukhna Lake and a Sports Quiz. The students carved a niche for themselves in the Milkha Singh Talent Hunt Athletic Meet by securing First and second positions in different races. It gives us immense pleasure to mention our participations in the National Camps for Basketball, Boxing and 60th National School Games organized by the Education Department and Independent School Association Football Tournaments.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our students, parents, well wishers and patrons of our school whose constant support and guidance has helped maintain high standard of education and discipline in our school. We take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best to serve this locality through quality education. We seek the blessing from the God Almighty to help and guide us in the right direction.