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Introducing Grade XI

Introducing Grade XI

The Tribune School welcomes all students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, who demonstrate a desire to continuously learn and grow. The school offers a nurturing environment that fosters sharp learning skills and a 21st century curriculum that offers the best in education.

As the academic year commences in April, maximum enrolments take place in the month Jan-Feb.

We advise that you plan and complete the admission process for your child in advance. Please note that the Admissions Team starts reviewing applications for new admissions from January every year.

Grade 11: Commerce & Humanities

The Tribune School invites registrations for admission in Grade XI in Commerce & Humanities stream with the following subjects being offered:


English | Accounts | Business Studies | Economics | Legal Studies OR Mass Media Studies OR Psychology OR History OR Geography | Physical Education OR Informatics Practices OR Mathematics OR Commercial Arts OR Hindustani Vocal Music


English | Economics | Political Science | Psychology OR History OR Geography OR Sociology | Legal Studies OR Mass Media I Physical Education OR Informatics Practices OR Mathematics OR Commercial Art OR Hindustani Vocal Music

Note: Students may choose any one stream of their choice. Each stream comprises a total of 5 subjects. Students have an option the 5th Subject to choose any one subject out of the subject mentioned above combination. The school reserves the right to drop any subject from the optional subjects if the requisite no. of students are not available. Students should contact the school admission office for a discussion on the choice of subjects.

Fee Details

Admission Charges (At the time of Admission)
₹ 13,997/-
₹ 6,998/-
Annual Charges
₹ 13,997/-
₹ 13,997/-
Quarterly Tuition Fee
₹ 13,997/-
₹ 13,997/-

For Admission Notice and Form, kindly Click Here
For more information, kindly contact:

  • +91-7009602425, 0172-2925545
  • Office Timings: Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM (except public holidays)