The Tribune School

Service Before Self



            We  spoil  Diwali  and    days 
And  then  promise  to  stop  our  mean  ways,
But  our  promises ,  never   last,   Beause
this  Diwali  you  shall   again  hear   the   blast.
It's   a  way  of  lighting  the  the   sky,  we  say     
But  Its  mother   earth   we  betry.          
Lets   start   this   day
Stop buring crackers, I pray
If you start , others will follow
This brings more joy and less sorrow
Childrens's fingers are burned, eyes are burned.
Please stop doing such things
Stop buring crackers, you  shall see the happiness
So from this day, start your rally
And celebrate "Anti Crackers Diwali"

Compsed by
Ishu Sharma
Class X