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Counselling & Special Educator Cell

Counselling Cell

In today’s unpredictable environment, students of all age groups generally experience social, personal, and academic problems in their routine life. Due to the growing pressure to excel in every field,covid-19 situation, atmosphere around ,financial losses or many unmentioned reasons students face emotional disturbance which sometimes even lead to stress filled situations.

To handle such issues, the school has a well qualified counsellor in whom they can confide their problems. The counselling cell helps the students to tackle their family, personal and peer problems and even assist them in managing their academic performance. It also helps them to be a better person by moulding their behaviour positively and guiding them about their strengths.  The process involves interaction and the students feel very free to discuss any issue that may be bothering them.

The Tribune school follows an inclusive structure, Zero rejection policy is targeted .Remedial teaching is done for the students with specific learning disabilities. Teachers are trained time to time to ensure their understanding toward the accommodations that can be provided in school as well as for relaxations by CBSE .Parents are also guided about the relaxations and modifications that are required in their parenting if a child has hidden abilities. School ensures timely updating of the knowledge of teachers regarding CWSN.

C.B.S.E. Circular Link: CBSE CWSN CIRCULAR 2019